Multilevel Analysis using the PISA database

Organised by Hong Kong PISA Centre, HKIER & OECD/PISA Secretariat
This workshop on multilevel analysis using the PISA database will take place from 30 March to 1 April 2006 in Hong Kong and will be conducted by Dr. Roel Bosker.
Objectives and rationale
The initiative for this workshop originated from requests by the PISA Governing Board to organise further training workshops for capacity building in the area of PISA data analysis. The understanding and application of multilevel models is essential for analysing education survey data such as the PISA data, in which students are clustered within schools. Since simple linear regression models fail to take into account the potential effects that may arise from the way in which students are assigned to schools, they may give an incomplete or misleading representation of the efficiency and effectiveness of education systems. Therefore, the primary aim of this workshop is to give participants an overview of the basics of multilevel analysis; familiarise participants with multilevel analysis using the PISA 2003 data in order to be able to conduct further multilevel analyses of the PISA data.

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