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European ODL Liaison Committee – Policy Paper 2006 is available

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Policy Paper of the European ODL Liaison Committee „Learning Innovation for the Adapted Lisbon Agenda“.
Educational research that is relevant within the actual policy context, timely, conceptually ambitious, culturally sensitive and, above all, of convincing scientific quality is now essential for the long-term success of Europe. The paper is identifying the key problems that European research in education and training is presently faced with.
In recent EU Policy Frameworks education, training, human resources and employability are being intertwined and increasingly related to reforms in national learning systems in Europe, in the frame of the lifelong learning perspective. In spite of the fact that all these policy strands recognize the priority of human resources development and citizens‘ empowerment, research on education and training in Europe is presenting a number of critical weaknesses, which might jeopardize the ambition of Europe to grow and generate new employment.
A major problem of eLearning and ICT for learning is the knowledge gap on learning innovation. The problem is deriving from a lack of priority for a comprehensive learning innovation within research programmes, the lack of accumulation and utilisation of current practice and the few available research results, including the consolidation of the knowledge gathered and available.
The Policy Paper proposes concrete initiatives and recommendations for actions by EU institutions, national governments and other stakeholders of education and training sytems:
– to promote educational innovation research and its coordination by well-organized measures at EU and national level,
– to increase the relevance of educational research in Europe, and
– to evaluate and systematically utilize research results,
thus maximizing the impact of research on innovation and effectiveness of education and training systems and to better link policy, research and innovative practice.
To read the paper please, visit: http://www.odl-liaison.org/pages.php?PN=policy-paper_2006
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