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2nd Yemen International Education Fair 2006 – EDUTEX YEMEN 2006 26 – 28 April 2006

Sana’a Trade Centre, Sana’a, Yemen
There are more than 200.000 graduates annually from different secondary schools all over Yemen. Only 30.000 of them can find seats in both public as well as private universities. It is estimated that more than 5,000 Yemeni students travel overseas to further their studies – Bachelor, Masters and Ph. D degrees.
Their Backaloria Secondary School Certificate is almost equivalent to ‘O’ Level. This certificate allows them to attend most of the universities all over the world. The Yemeni students who go abroad to further their studies have chosen countries like UK, Australia, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and many others.
There are many private schools in Yemen, starting from elementary to secondary levels. Many of them use English Language and British Curriculum (IGCSE). The goal is to prepare them for ‘O’ Level examinations, and in a few cases, ‘A’ Level examinations. Fees paid in these schools vary from US$ 1500-8000 annually. Most of the educated and rich families will get their children into private schools.
EDUTEX YEMEN 2006 is the platform for you to promote your Institutions and services and to recruit students in Yemen.
EDUTEX YEMEN 2006 offers education institutions direct access to a huge number of high school students and also school leavers, undergraduates, working professionals and executives who wish to pursue higher education at home or abroad.

Exhibitors Profile
Universities, Colleges & Educational Institutions
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International & Regional Education Organizations
Language Learning Centres
Distant Learning Providers
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